Medical Marijuana Museum

The Medical Marijuana Museum is a California Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to preserving the truth about the medical uses of cannabis, the patients, and educating the public about the medical uses of marijuana. The will of people is still being dismissed by our federal government regarding Medical Cannabis and we are here to put a stop to that.

The Green Truth

Until now our struggle was to smoke and feel good while their foot rested comfortably on our necks. Our own brothers are taking away our children, barring us from work, stigmatizing our place as a member of the community, by promoting ignorance about Medical Marijuana. The lack of Federally Funded Studies on the efficacy of Medical Cannabis is evidence of the continued perpetuation of this ignorance. Bound by our ignorance we believed the lies, only to realiize that all along we would meet each other in a doctors office or a hospice center.

Yet we still remain silent, fearing all will fall if we are to be found to have smoked pot. We cannot remain silent anymore

- Mark Hutchins, Founder of Medical Marijuana Museum